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Welcome to www. hot glass -
An On-Line Gallery of Hot Glass Sculptures and Blown Glass Vessels.

Just south of Seattle, Washington, at the Renton Art & Glass Studio, you can watch me using a centuries-old hand blowing technique to create aquariums and floral art glass designs, which appear to be frozen in suspended animation. My process involves traditional lamp working and murrini techniques.

I make hand-pulled glass rods and glass canes in a variety of colors and then, use them to create the design elements inside each glass sculpture. Layering each piece of glass in the design - from the inside out - allows me to sculpt three-dimensional underwater seascapes and gardenscapes in glass. Finally, I encase the interior glass scene in clear, molten crystal.

One of my fondest glass making career highlights includes the presentation of one of my pieces to Jacques Ives Cousteau as a "Spirit and Enrichment Award" by the Atlantic Center for the Arts (1991).

You can find examples of my glass in museums in the United States, at fine art galleries around the world and of course, right here at my web site. Please feel free to contact me to order your unique glass art. Glass sculptures and vessels can weigh from five to 30 pounds and range in price from $500 to $3000.

-Chris Heilman

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